Pranav the SUSSY BAKA
pranav mode ON \n sussy baka

pranav moment

pranav test


this is a bruh moment test

im going to cry this is actually working

i hate esm module why cant vite be just perfect

screw vue

evan you plz work on vite plzzzzz

the future belongs to sveltkit

for(let bruh = 0; bruh < 100000; bruh++){
    console.log('pranav why are you bad')

export const get = async () => {

    let files = await fs.readdir('src/blog')
    let blogData = []

    for(const file of files){
        const fileNoExtension = file.slice(0, -3)
        blogData.push(await readBlog(fileNoExtension))

    //sorts from biggest to smallest based on unix date
    blogData.sort((a, b) => b.unixDate - a.unixDate)
    //console.log("blogData point")
    //why do i need stringify?
    //files = JSON.stringify(files)

    return { body: blogData }